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Quality has a name:

Polyurethane cast floors - Epoxy cast floors - Marble stone carpet for renovation or new construction. Also suitable for existing floors.

Cemento or stylish wall coverings and designer floors, completely waterproof.

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MDM EpoxyfloorING

Based in Mechelen, MDM Epoxy Flooring specialises in laying various types of epoxy floors, including stone carpets, marble carpets and cast floors, both PU and epoxy. These floors come into their own with both renovations and new builds. They can be laid in your entire home, as well as in offices, warehouses and workplace floors to suit your taste and function.

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A family business with 40 years of experience

We are a small-scale family business in which the manager, partner and son work closely together so we can guarantee a personal approach. Our field of activity covers the entire Benelux, where we have built up four decades of experience with a diverse array of customers. From the first contact and quotation to advice and final touches, the quality of our service is our top priority. Our experience has taught us that there is no such thing as a standard floor: every customer and every situation is different. We can respond to these differences perfectly, so you will end up with a first-class flooring solution tailored to your individual wishes and needs.

Why choose an 
epoxy or polyurethane(PU) cast floor?


  • Sleek and seamless character

  • Timeless design

  • Unlimited colour options offer endless creativity


  • For private and professional installations

  • For renovation and new construction projects

  • Loved in the world of interiors

  • In high demand for aesthetic applications in retail, offices, schools and the hospitality and care sectors

Comfort and convenience:

  • Soft feel underfoot

  • Hygienic

  • Cast floors can take a beating

Compatible with underfloor heating:

  • Low thickness of 3 mm

  • PU floors are resistant to shrinking and expansion

A renovation solution:

  • Great elasticity and sound absorption

  • Lay it on existing floors, such as old floor tiles, mosaic tiles, wood, screed, vinyl, concrete, ...

  • Lay it on uneven surfaces

  • More economical than removing the old floor beforehand: cost and time savings PU self-levelling floors

MDM Epoxyvloeren
PU gietvloeren

Polyurethane self-levelling flooring

Polyurethane cast floors are soft, elastic and scratch-resistant. They offer pleasant walking and living comfort.​


Marble stone carpet flooring

Stone carpet or marble carpet flooring is a seamless gravel floor consisting of small grains of sand or marble, bound in epoxy resin.

epoxy gietvloeren

Epoxy self-levelling flooring

Epoxy cast floors are extremely hard and solid. They are often used for industrial applications but are equally well suited to homes.


Contact MDM Epoxy floors, active throughout the Benelux region for private and professional customers!

Cemento wand badkamer


Cemento is a fully waterproof covering of microcement for walls and floors, suitable for almost any substrate. Silicone-free, joint-free and limescale-free, it is ideal for damp spaces such as bathrooms and shower rooms, offering a low-maintenance, stylish and unique end result!

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Here, the self-employed manager still rolls up his sleeves

gietvloer in badkamer

How does MDM Epoxy Flooring make a difference? For one thing, the work is still carried out and monitored by the manager himself. As such, we can guarantee you a perfectly finished floor. Thanks to our years of knowledge and experience, we offer a top-quality and diligent service, both for industry and private individuals.

MDM Epoxyvloeren

Thinking of a polyurethane screed, epoxy screed, marble stone carpet or cemento finish? Get a quote from MDM Epoxy Flooring right away.

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