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Install a MARBLE stone carpet for an enjoyable, beautiful and low-maintenance floor


What is marble stone carpet?

Stone carpet or gravel flooring is a seamless floor made up of tiny grains of sand bound in epoxy resin. The sand grains are traditionally spread out with a floor trowel. Marble stone carpet is available with the gravel floor, but the grains used in it are marble. Having a marble stone carpet laid by an expert like MDM Epoxy Flooring is not an excessive luxury. We have an eye for the substrate along with the right temperature, proportions and application.


Natural beauty

The natural shades of colour create a very natural look. Marble carpet is, therefore, a natural product made from cut and marble specks. Different thicknesses, colours and structures are available. Marble stone carpet is also warm to the touch and pleasant to walk on.

Low-maintenance flooring

These floors can also be sealed, resulting in a closed, fluid-tight structure. Cleaning marble stone carpet then becomes a pleasure. It is ideal for people with allergies and pets. Spilled stains can be removed easily. We are happy to offer advice for optimal maintenance. Marble stone carpet is also anti-static, sound-absorbing, fireproof, wear-resistant and non-slippery.


marble stone carpet,
no divisions or breaks

With a marble stone carpet, no breaks are required. This floor is suitable for any surface. We simply lay it over your existing floor, such as old floor tiles, tiles or vinyl. This saves a lot of time and money. Marble Stone Carpet can be walked on after just 24 hours and is ready for use after 48 hours!


Multi-purpose, indoors and outdoors

This flooring is suitable for all rooms, including those where pets like to hang out or in humid areas. Lay stone carpet on your terrace, maintenance covers or stairs inside or outside: everything is possible!

MDM Epoxyvloeren

Would you like professional advice or a quotation for marble stone carpet? We will be happy to visit you on site without any obligation or purchase requirement.

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