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Polyurethane gietvloeren

Practical and beautiful PU cast floors

Polyurethane cast flooring, or PU cast floors for short, are functional and, at the same time, beautiful to look at. You can really go in any direction with this flooring solution: a cast floor in an office space, an industrial cast floor, a new 'vintage' PU cast floor in your home, a PU cast floor with 'flakes', a concrete look, ... Even a new PU cast layer on your kitchen countertop is possible, with a result that you can eat from.

Polyurethane gietvloeren

PU cast floor and underfloor heating: a successful combination

If you are looking for a flooring solution that can be combined with underfloor heating, a PU cast floor comes warmly recommended!

The best choice against airborne dust and hair

As a PU cast floor is seamless, super easy to maintain and perfectly hygienic, it is liked by people with dust allergies or pet owners. This floor is also liquid-proof. We are happy to offer you advice for optimal maintenance.

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Choose a PU cast floor

Another advantage of PU cast flooring: thanks to its flexible properties, this floor can be laid over most existing flooring without any risk of cracks and guarantees pleasant underfoot comfort thanks to its high levels of elasticity.

Polyurethane gietvloeren

The silent floor

A polyurethane cast floor has a sound-absorbing effect, which makes it perfect for modern living. Because this floor is soft to the touch and elastic (crack-bridging), it 'moves' with your feet when you step on it. This is an effect you notice immediately (or, rather, you don't) when a PU cast floor is laid over an existing wooden or tiled floor, for example.

Outstanding sturdiness

With a PU cast floor in your home, you will enjoy a thoroughly solid floor, much stronger than a wooden, laminate or tiled floor, for example.

MDM Epoxyvloeren

Would you like our expert advice or a quotation for a polyurethane PU cast floor? We will be happy to visit you on site without any obligation or purchase requirement.

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