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Epoxy gietvloeren voor bedrijven

Epoxy floors are real all-rounders

MDM Epoxy Flooring lays epoxy cast floors in new-build and renovation projects all over the Benelux region. An epoxy cast floor is perhaps best known in industrial applications, even in the most challenging conditions, such as on ships or as an anti-slip floor for the army. As standard, they are anti-static, sound-absorbing and fireproof. But epoxy floors do not have to be dull or purely practical. We can provide them in a range of colours and finishing options to suit your needs. This means that epoxy flooring can lead to a beautiful end result not only for professional situations but for private individuals too.

Epoxy gietvloeren

All rooms are suited to epoxy flooring

Epoxy cast floors are suitable for any surface and any room, including shower rooms. This allows epoxy flooring to flow seamlessly from one room to another. What's more, not only does this floor feel warm, but it is also extremely suited to underfloor heating.

Low-maintenance flooring

Few floors are as easy to maintain as epoxy-coated cast flooring. Thanks to the seamless floor system, cleaning becomes a breeze. Speaking of cleaning: epoxy floors are completely waterproof. We will be happy to offer you advice for optimal maintenance.

Epoxy gietvloeren

Strong and durable

An epoxy cast floor is an excellent choice when your flooring needs to withstand more than a little rough-and-tumble. Epoxy is super solid, increases load-bearing capacity and offers protection to the underlying floor. Not only is this floor waterproof, it is also highly scratch-resistant.


Epoxy cast flooring is ideal for areas where the risk of slipping is high. The cured resin results in a structured finish with maximum grip.


An epoxy cast floor: ideal for industrial applications

Tracking down a suitable flooring solution that meets all your needs can be a challenge. This is especially so in demanding conditions such as workshops, warehouses and factories. An epoxy cast floor can meet all such challenges. After all, these floors are hugely durable and versatile. Spills, abrasion, moisture and other problems, which can cause damage or staining in the case of a porous concrete floor, have no impact on the performance of this type of cast floor.

Epoxy gietvloeren

Walkable after 24h,
Loadable after 48h

This brings us seamlessly to yet another advantage of epoxy cast flooring. Whether we install this floor for professionals or private individuals, the space can soon be used again.


Would you like expert advice or a quotation for an epoxy cast floor? We will be happy to come and visit you on site with no obligation to make a purchase.

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